THE ART OF THE CON- Harvard Professor Gone Wrong
Art-Luigi Cugini
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  •          New Circle of Friends
  • The Professor from Harvard Vilas Likhite suddenly shows
  •  up in Californiaand he has a new circle of wealthy and
  • influential friends. One of his friends, Tycoon George Gaulding
  •  thought of Likhite as a happy and carefree person.
  • That went out the window real fast as Gaulding
  •  becomes out of the blue Likhite wants to borrow money.
  •  Gaulding remembered someone saying,
  • Professor claims he's got a billion dollars worth of art,
  • and doesn’t have
  • a pot to piss in !
"The Art of the Con"
"Art Forger Lugini Cugini- Vilas Likhite Harvard"

A Doctor's Fall

In 1989, Harvard-educated Dr. Vilas Likhite loses his

medical license for injecting patients with experimental drugs.

He turns to a new life --- a life of crime. Likhite becomes an

art dealer who sells fraudulent art.

(Credit: Los Angeles Police Department)

Harvard Professor
Convicted Art Forger "Luigi Cugini" from Boston
Luigi Cugini- "The Barber from Boston"
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